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What Makes Eastern Tobacco Stand Out

At Eastern Tobacco, our core focus is customer satisfaction and validation. We proudly offer premium-quality products tailored to our customers' needs, all under one roof. What sets us apart from other companies is our ability to provide on-demand cigarette packets in various packaging sizes, styles, and qualities to meet diverse preferences.

What Makes Eastern Tobacco Stand Out


A Leading Company in
Pakistan's Tobacco Industry

Contract Manufacturing

We provide contract manufacturing services and export our products worldwide. Our expertise lies in the production of various packet types.

Premium Tobacco Selection

We stand among the world's most esteemed companies, selecting only the finest-grade leaves to craft the highest-quality tobacco.

Custom Cigarette Packaging

Choose from a range of sizes and packet options, and tailor the packaging to your preferences.

Diverse Cigarette Filters

In response to customer demand, we produce a wide range of filters, recognizing the significance of pressure drop and flavor.

Private Labeling & Customized Packets

Eastern Tobacco provides private labeling services for customers, offering completely customized packets with various cigarette sizes to meet your needs.

Cigarette Making

Eastern Tobacco makes premium quality cigarettes with the most experienced cigarette makers, each of whom has exceptional skills, creating a truly unique smoking experience.

Our Directors

Muhammad Arif

CEO & Founder

Muhammad Arif holds the esteemed position of CEO at Eastern Tobacco, Pioneer Tobacco, and Marsons Group. With a rich background in mechanical engineering, he has been an integral part of the company. Under his astute leadership, the company has achieved remarkable growth and is now recognized as a top-tier manufacturer of cigarettes and cut rag in the global tobacco industry.

Muhammad Akif

Managing Director

Muhammad Akif currently serves as the Managing Director of the company. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Finance, he joined the company’s ranks in 2014. Infusing the organization with youthful energy and a strong desire to modernize, Muhammad Akif aspires to elevate the company to new standards and greater heights.


Exquisite and High-Quality Cigarettes

Eastern Tobacco stands at the forefront of Pakistan’s tobacco industry, representing one of the country’s largest manufacturing and processing business groups in this sector. We take pride in delivering the finest and highest-quality cigarettes to our customers.

We extend our premium services not only within Pakistan but also internationally. The consistently outstanding feedback we receive is a testament to our unwavering dedication to premium quality and the finest flavors.

Exquisite and High-Quality Cigarettes
Cigarette Manufacturing & Packaging

Exceptional Cigarette Blends

Cigarette Manufacturing & Packaging

Eastern Tobacco represents the pinnacle of cigarette perfection, boasting an extensive range of flavors and variations tailored to your preferences. We offer the finest blends of cigarette flavors, all delivered with premium quality and packaging.

Our expertise extends to various types of packets. Moreover, we offer contract manufacturing services, allowing us to meet your unique requirements for shapes and sizes.
In addition to our manufacturing prowess, Eastern Tobacco is actively involved in the marketing and distribution of cigarettes within the domestic market. We maintain multiple depots and warehouses dedicated to the storage and aging of tobacco, ensuring the highest quality in every puff.

Customers Are a Priority at Eastern Tobacco

At Eastern Tobacco, we understand the importance of our customers, their tastes, and their standards. We are dedicated to providing our consumers with only the highest quality products, featuring special blends of flavors that cater to their preferences. Eastern Tobacco is renowned globally as a leading cigarette manufacturer, a testament to our commitment to excellence.


Over 20 years of experience in the business.


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