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Hollow Cigarette Tubes

Our team comprises highly skilled and technically adept professionals dedicated to the manufacturing of tobacco and cigarettes.

Our Eastern Tobacco Hollow Cigarette Tubes in the King size are 84mm in length and feature a unique hollow tip filter. These tubes are perfect for those who desire the advantages of a filter without compromising on taste, as some other tubes might.
These tubes are constructed using PT paper made from 100% wood fibers. What sets our tubes apart is the craftsmanship of the paper itself; it is exceptionally thin and lightweight, resulting in an incredibly smooth smoking experience.
Each box contains 200 tubes, ensuring you have an ample supply to enjoy your preferred smoking experience.

The Advantages of Hollow Cigarette Tubes

Hollow cigarette tubes offer several benefits that make them a preferred choice for many smokers:

a. Enhanced Flavor: Hollow tubes ensure that you get a strong and perfect cigarette with the full flavor you've been missing. The absence of excess filtration allows the tobacco's natural taste to shine through.

b. Compatibility: These filtered tubes are compatible with almost any injector, making them versatile and convenient for use with various smoking accessories.

c. Thin PT Paper: The use of PT paper in these hollow tubes results in an exceptionally thin and light construction, contributing to a smoother smoking experience.

d. No Paper Tip: Unlike some other tubes, these hollow tubes don't have a paper tip on the end. Instead, all the paper used is PT paper, further enhancing the pure tobacco taste.

Each unit includes one box containing 200 pre-rolled hollow tip tubes, ensuring you have a plentiful supply to enjoy your preferred smoking experience.

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