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How to Buy Quality Tobacco

How to Buy Quality Tobacco?

Hello and welcome to Eastern Tobacco, your reliable guide through the always-changing world of tobacco. With us, it’s easy to get high-quality tobacco, backed by our knowledge and clear methods.

Step 1 – Deposit for safety

Start your journey: To get into private tobacco stores, you need to put down a $25,000 security deposit. This deposit secures your spot at the table in the competitive bid setting.

Step 2 – Being in the market

With expert eyes on the ground: our team is at the market during cutting season, ready to be your eyes and ears. We’re there to take advantage of chances and give you real-time information.

Step 3: Live Auction Updates

Keep Up-to-Date: The tobacco market works best with sales where prices are not set in stone. We give you live updates on current rates straight from the market, so you always know what’s going on.

Step 4: Promote your move

Choose and State: Once you’re happy with the live rates, let us know how much you want to buy. How many tones would you like to buy? We’ll make sure you get your tobacco at the agreed-upon prices.

Step 5: Flexibility and peace of mind

Your Happiness Is Our Top Priority: Don’t worry if the market prices aren’t what you thought they would be. We give you options. A small fee of $1,000 will be taken out of your security deposit to cover costs, and you will get the rest of your deposit back right away. Balance will be promptly returned to you.