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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Soft Pack Cigarettes

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Soft Pack Cigarettes

Highly perishable items require scrupulous packing to protect the product. When it comes to preserving the freshness of cigarettes, the cigarette packing plays a critical role. Generally, there are two types of packs, a hard pack, and a soft pack.

Hard pack cigarettes:

This is the conventional style of packing cigarettes. Philip Morris introduced the first-ever hard-pack cigarette case in 1955. Before that, people faced the difficulty of crumbling cigarette sticks in their pockets. The hard pack resolved the issue. It also serves as an important branding element where the marketer can enhance brand retention. Every time the user opens the flip to pick up a cigarette, the brand name appears, improving brand remembrance, and consequently brand loyalty.

Soft pack cigarettes:

Made of thin paper, soft packs feature flexible and bendable wrapping. Consequently, they break easily and cannot reseal. Soft packs give the benefit of not opening the pack every time you want to smoke. They weigh less and occupy less space. Hence they are easy to carry in a pocket or bag. People find soft pack cigarettes appealing for their retro look and feel. Also, excessive smokers find soft packs more convenient as their usage is high. They find it more convenient not to open the pack every time they smoke on the go. Most of the leading cigarette brands have both hard and soft pack cigarettes.

Tips for choosing the right soft pack cigarettes:

Presence of cigarette inner liners:

Conventionally, soft packs include just a main blank paper, shaped in a cup form. This makes the cigarettes susceptible to damage. To do away with this, manufacturers come up with highly innovative cigarette inner liner packaging. There is a wide variety of basic papers for cigarette inner liners. Plain inner liners, coated gloss for a metallic appeal, coated matte, or plain gloss are some popular varieties. Manufacturers deploy the latest equipment and technically sound professionals to come up with such a useful addition to soft cigarette packs. Therefore, consumers must ensure that they choose the right soft pack cigarettes that have inner liners that protect the consumables.

Opportunity for branding:

One distinguishing feature between hard and soft packs is that traditionally soft packs do not give much room for marketing and advertising. Packaging especially in the tobacco industry plays a crucial role in branding as producers do not use traditional media to promote the product. Moreover, smokers exhibit substantial brand loyalty. They are less likely to shift to other brands. This shows how important branding is for cigarette brands. Nowadays, innovative soft packing manufacturers give ample marketing opportunities through premium optical and printed appearances. Premium printing techniques let sellers display their logo, brand name, and other important information.

Environmental-friendly and quality material:

One reason why soft packs are so popular is that they are cost-effective. Soft pack cigarettes come in a variety of materials. However, traditionally they have been of sub-standard quality. Manufacturers realized this shortcoming and used innovative materials to make the soft packs. Sustainable packing solutions do not harm the environment or contribute to global warming. Apart from this, water-resistant material such as polypropylene helps protect the cigarettes. Being aroma-proof lets it preserve the fragrance and freshness of the product. Moreover, the packing should be such that complies with all the legal and safety requirements of the country. Cigarette packs are subject to especially crucial legal terms and conditions, given the nature of the product. Given the rising concern for environmental well-being, countries update these laws. Hence the soft pack manufacturer must be aware of the changing rules and regulations to duly incorporate them into their product.

Therefore, when choosing a soft pack, make sure it complies with all the requirements.

Thanks to innovative design and packaging, soft packs for cigarettes are no longer cheaper and sub-standard option. New designs such as the “three-part” soft packs add durability, stability, and firmness to the packs, preserving the aesthetic appeal of the packaging. Moreover, the presence of many suppliers of soft packs enhances market competition, giving immense choice to the buyers. Therefore, one must critically analyze the options and make a wise decision before choosing the right soft pack cigarettes.